Welcome to My Psychology Tutor and indeed welcome to A Level Psychology! You are in for an exciting ride over the next two years (or one if you are only studying the AS course). Before you start reading the posts and begin to understand and synthesise the topics we must first address three practical things that will get you prepared and keep you supported throughout your studies.

  1. Know your specification: Your specification is a document published by the exam board. It outlines the topics you should cover throughout your course and forms the basis of your examination. Knowing your specification puts you in control of your studies. If you haven’t already, download a copy, print it and keep it at the front of your A Level Psychology folder so you can use it as a point of reference. You can get a copy by clicking on this link: AQA Specification. Pages 8-24 outline the course content and assessment information.
  2. Get a good textbook: Textbooks are very useful and prove to be important investments. They provide the extra information you need to get a broader knowledge of the subject. I won’t tell you which textbook to buy because at this stage the book you buy should reflect your learning preference (unless of course your school/college has insisted on you using a particular book, in which case get the book they recommend). You want an AQA A Level Psychology AS / Year 1 textbook to begin with in the first year and then Year 2 for your second year. Some of them are endorsed by AQA and others not. Whichever one you choose, remember that you will use it for the duration of your course so choose wisely. See here for available textbooks: Amazon books. 
  3. Be familiar with the exam papers: As you develop in your studies it is absolutely important to know and be familiar with how your knowledge will be tested. This is part of your preparation. Know where to find past papers / specimen papers, do them and get feedback from your teachers. I will talk more about past papers in later posts but for now here’s a link to where you can find some specimen papers: AQA A Level Psychology Specimen Papers.

The key to success is preparation. Be prepared, be ready. Look at and study your specification, choose and buy your textbook, be familiar with how you will be assessed.

Happy learning…

Jo x


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